Welcome to Essential Oils for Health and Beauty

Welcome to Essential Oils for Health and Beauty

When I wrote my original site a couple years ago, One thing I was sure of were my list of top 5 essential oils. You can see my original article, lovingly archived by the Way Back Machine.

I am (for some unknown reason) redoing that original web site, and in the process I am occasionally wondering what-in-the-hell-I-was-thinking when I wrote the original pages.

The top 5 oils is a case in point.

I am not so sure that I would include Eucalyptus, for example. And, even though I don’t enjoy the way it smells, I don’t think a starter kit of essential oils should be complete without oregano. And what about geranium???

You get the idea.

In fact, I haven’t written my new top 5 article quite yet. I can’t decide.

In the process of thinking about which oils really are essential, considering stuff like bath oil making, soapmaking, essential oils for house cleaning and skin care, etc, I came across this great article by Dr. Mercola from way back in 2004. I think he makes some great choices, though I am not sure I would say cedar essential oil is essential. And, though he makes note of the fact that sandalwood is endangered, which is great, I don’t agree that it is essential any longer. It is way too expensive, and there are too many issues with it’s sustainability. It’s an incredible oil, but you can easily do without it.

I’m looking forward to getting this site back up and running!