Excessive Sourness Causes Sour Health

Excessive Sourness Causes Sour Health

Sour taste intensity in foods mainly comes from organic acids.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), sour foods not only strengthen liver function, control the amount of acid produced in the stomach, and promote appetite and digestion process, but also resolve toxin and prevent germs. Nonetheless, too much sourness could also hurt our spleen.

Excessive Sourness Causes Sour Health

In the modern Western medical science, spleen is the largest immune organ and the storage of blood. However, in the traditional Chinese medical science, the spleen is closer to the digestive system and related to the circulatory system which seen as an activator of the process of digestion.

First, spleen promotes digestion and absorption of food; it helps the stomach and the small intestine digest and absorb nutrient substances and water. Second, spleen transmits upwards nutrient substances and water to other organs.

Since spleen is to promote the digestion and absorption of food and transmit nutrient substances, it is naturally connected with the growth of muscle and the functions of arms and legs. Therefore, if the spleen is deficient, not only the muscle will lack nutrition and make the arms and legs weak, the skin also will be more vulnerable to losing elasticity and becomes shriveled and hard.

In view of the growth of muscle and the functions of arms and legs rely so much on the spleen (TCM regards the spleen to be in charge of muscle and four limbs), we should avoid having too much sour foods. And people who suffer from muscle and tendon disease are advised not to eat them.

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